About our Speakers

This month we have no speakers as we will all be the speakers at our dinner!

Previous Speakers:


Ian Lawson from Indigo Properties in Brighton.

Ian Lawson is an experienced Brighton-based serial property entrepreneur and business owner. As a property developer, investor, letting agent, trader, deal sourcer and landlord since 1998, he is currently director of Indigo Properties UK Ltd and Indigo Lettings Ltd. He achieved financial freedom ethically through property in 2006 and enjoys helping others to achieve the same, and is regularly invited to speak in public. He has recently returned from a 4-year sabbatical travelling the world from where he ran his automated systemised businesses while not working in them. Ian was a co-founder of Property Networking Club Brighton before his sabbatical. He now works when he choses to in his entrepreneurial property ventures and as an accredited meditation teacher helping people to achieve permanent inner peace.


Sylvia Rai

Sylvia is one half of the dynamic duo that hosts the, now famous, Berkshire Property Meet. She and her partner, Juswant, have been involved in Property for over 5 years and Sylvia started her Personal Development journey over 10 years ago whilst living in Australia. With a strong Personal Development background, Sylvia is keen to ensure that people understand the power of combining the Property Strategy with the right Mindset. As a Property Coach and respected Speaker over the last 5 years she has spoken infront of and to 100s, if not 1000s of people in property – we are excited to have Sylvia as our guest speaker next week as she will certainly be able to share some invaluable insights on what it takes to be successful in Property.


Ryan Pinnick

Ryan is a professional speaker and entrepreneur. At the age of 27 Ryan started his first business £40k in debt and became financially independent by building a million pound property port folio in 6 months.  As a result of his success Ryan was invited to speak in over 40 cities in the UK for the UK’s leading wealth education provider Tigrent Learning UK (formerly Whitney UK) representing various brands including Rich Dad Education, Building Wealth, Martin Roberts ‘Making Money from Property’ and Teach Me To Trade.

Ryan now runs his own training and mentoring business helping entrepreneurs and SME’s generating millions using his 12 years experience in sales and digital media.  Because of the results his clients get he was recently asked to launched Business Success Systems with Tigrent Learning UK presenting 3 day trainings including ‘Learn to Start and Grow your Own Business’, Business University, Sales & Marketing and Social Media Advanced training.


Vicki Wusche – The Property Mermaid – professional landlord, member of National Landlords Association, and London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS), and member of several professional networks, entrepreneurial groups, mentor, teacher and speaker.

Property investor Vicki Wusche“I am the Property Mermaid, everything I do in life, work or play encompasses my two primary passions …. investing in property and scuba diving. I have created a life style that lets me indulge these passions – to travel and scuba dive the world. Discovering and photographing dolphins, sharks, and sea horses with Bob, my best friend, dive buddy and partner of ten years.  What more could a Mermaid want?

My first brushes with property investment came when I was 25. It’s now been four years since I held a ‘proper job’ and I am lucky enough to be able to choose how I spend my time. I am grateful that through my actions I have been able to create this lifestyle – property investment has provided the financial freedom and ongoing passive income that is needed”.



Tezel Bahcheli of Parker Dann, Town Planning Consultancy, Sussex.

Tezel is a Chartered Town Planning Consultant with approx. 20 years experience in the field.  She is based in Lewes.

She began her professional career in local authorities, but for the past 9 years has worked with private clients of all types.  She helps a wide range of clients, from private individual investors to larger corporate clients.  Work covers all types of property; domestic and commercial buildings and land.

She has been a director at Parker Dann since 2005 has helped develop a successful and effective planning consultancy. She works throughout the South East region and would be very happy to advise anyone, individual or corporate, on any town planning matter.


Ben Rogers:

Ben has a successful lettings agency in Kent, a property sourcing business and a property education business as well as his own investment portfolio.

Investor Ben RogersBen also works with Rick Otton who is recognised as one of the worldwide guru’s on property options. ‘Lease Options’ are still creating quite a stir in the property investing world, giving you the opportunity to buy a house for as little as £1 once you have gained the right knowledge.

He shared with us his own experience with low-cost marketing, including using leaflet strategies, signage and other proven marketing methods to attract buyers and sellers.

You can gain real insights and practical knowledge by attending this event, and continue your learning by following Ben with his YouTube video diaries here:



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