Next Event

Next Event: Thursday 14th July

We are planning something a little different and rather special for our July Property Networking Group event for several reasons.  Firstly our planned speaker has had to pull out due to an unforeseen change in work commitments and…. it will be our last formally organised PNG event.

Sophie and I have worked hard to organise the last 6 months events and I think you will all agree, they have been a superb success as we have all learnt a tremendous amount from our expert speakers and we have formed alliances and friendships that will last for life.

We now feel it is time to start putting that learning into practise by using our time more effectively and as there are now several property networking events locally, there doesn’t seem to be a need to run PNG in Gatwick any more as Gatwick doesn’t particularly fit either of our strategies going forward and most of us attend Brighton events as well.

However, if anyone is interested in taking it over we would be very happy to help get you started.

So on to our July meeting………

We think it would be a lovely idea to get us all together for a lovely meal, in a friendly setting and talk property and we hope you agree with us!  Let’s talk about what we have learned, how we intend to implement that learning and ways in which we can work together or support each other going forward.

Helen and Andrew, the owners of The Preston Park Tavern, will make room for around 22 of us to all sit together and they will put together a 3 option menu covering meat, fish and vegetarian (£21 for 2 courses or £25 for 3 courses)  to make it easy for us on the night. Sophie and I can highly recommend the food, the atmosphere and the welcome that awaits us all here as we have been frequenting the venue for several years. Parking is free around the venue which makes it even better.

How to Book:

We have opened a booking under Carol Adams-Kirkham or Property Networking Group on 14 July and a £5 deposit directly to the venue guarantees you a seat on the night and goes towards your meal. So kindly contact Preston Park Tavern on Tel: 01273 552271    Would you please make contact and pay your £5 deposit ASAP to ensure the large table is reserved for us, preferably before 28 June otherwise it will be pot luck on grabbing smaller tables and not sitting together which doesn’t work for us at all.

Sophie and I would like to thank you for all your support over the last 6 months and we really hope you can join us at our summer property dinner for fun and laughter and some good property conversation.

It would be lovely to know who is booked to join us so please go onto our Property Networking Group page on facebook to let us know you are coming or ping us a message or email.

Best wishes,

Carol and Sophie


2 Responses to Next Event

  1. Re: The Property Networking Group
    Would like to attend the above networking group on Thursday 12th May 11.


    Kofi A. Dzorkplenu
    Miva Partenrship Limited

    • Sophie Mahir says:

      Please book yourself on via the link at the top of the page and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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